Literacy Initiatives

Jesse Boyd Elementary School practices a balanced literacy approach to teaching an learning English Language Arts. Using this method, literacy is embedded within all core subject areas. Students read and write across the curriculum. Teachers implement a Reader’s and Writer’s workshop structure to their classrooms. Within the balanced literacy program students have:

Reading Aloud:

  • Teacher reads selection aloud to students
  • Provides adult model of fluent reading
  • Develops sense of story/text
  • Develops vocabulary
  • Encourages prediction
  • Builds a community of readers
  • Develops active listening

Shared Reading:

  • Teacher and students read text together
  • Demonstrates awareness of text
  • Develops sense of story or content
  • Promotes reading strategies
  • Develops fluency and phrasing
  • Increases comprehension
  • Encourages politeness and respect

Guided Reading:

  • Teacher introduces a selection at student’s instructional level
  • Promotes reading strategies
  • Increases comprehension
  • Encourages independent reading
  • Expands belief in own ability

Independent Reading:

  • Students read independently
  • Encourages strategic reading
  • Increases comprehension
  • Supports writing development
  • Extends experiences with a variety of written texts
  • Promotes reading for enjoyment and information
  • Develops fluency
  • Fosters self-confidence by reading familiar and new text
  • Provides opportunities to use mistakes as learning opportunities

Modeled/Shared Writing:

  • Teacher and students collaborate to write text; teacher acts as scribe
  • Develops concepts of print
  • Develops writing strategies
  • Supports reading development
  • Provides model for a variety of writing styles
  • Models the connection among and between sounds, letters, and words
  • Produces text that students can read independently
  • Necessitates communicating in a clear and specific manner

Interactive Writing:

  • Teacher and students compose together using a “shared pen” technique in which students do some of the writing
  • Provides opportunities to plan and construct texts
  • Increases spelling knowledge
  • Produces written language resources in the classroom
  • Creates opportunities to apply what has been learned

Independent Writing: Students write independently and:

  • Strengthen text sequence
  • Develop understanding of multiple uses of writing
  • Support their reading development
  • Develop writing strategies
  • Develop active independence

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