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Special Days and Fine Arts Nights

Each grade level at Jesse Boyd participates in special events that are incorporated into their curriculum, teaching and learning. These events change from year to year as the curriculum occasionally changes. Every grade level also has one Fine Arts Night each year where the students perform a musical productions and their art work is displayed. The families also participate in an art activity together.
The dates for the 2018-2019 Fine Arts Nights are:

JBE Musical

Beginning in 2008-2009, JBE has performed a school wide Musical each year. Students in grades 1-5 participate in tryouts to be cast in the musical, practice for 4 months, and perform the musical 6 times for our school and community. These massive productions are a highlight for the JBE and Spartanburg community each year. The musicals that we’ve performed have been:
2009: Annie, Jr.
2010: Beauty and the Beast
2011: Jungle Book
2012: Aristocats
2013:Willy Wonka
2014:101 Dalmatians
2015: Sleeping Beauty
2016: Winnie the Pooh
2017: Seussical, the Musical
2018: Aladdin, Jr.

Student Led Conferences

It is very important to the staff at Jesse Boyd, that our students become as independent as possible and are able to be great communicators. One way that we promote this is through student led conferencing. All students in grades 1-5 lead their conferences in the fall and the spring and our kindergarten students lead their conferences in the spring. During these conferences, the students share their IB portfolio, current and past units of study as well as their current test scores. Students, together with their parents, establish goals and a plan to reach those goals.


Coffeehouse is a JBE tradition that started 8 years ago. Coffeehouse is a “town hall” meeting for our students in which awards are given out but also students are encouraged to be risk takers and perform in front of their peers. Coffeehouse happens twice a month. Be sure to check out the JBE youtube page for some of the Coffeehouse experiences.

Field Trips

Jesse Boyd believes that students need background knowledge in order to gain full understanding of concepts. Due to this belief, we take students on many field trips throughout the school year. Beginning in third grade, we also provide exciting adventures. In 3rd grade the students take an historical and governmental adventure to our state capitol. Fourth graders spent two days in team building, math, history, and science adventure in Charleston, South Carolina. An excitement-filled two day trip to Camp Leopold awaits our 5th grade each year.

Promotion of Physical Activity

Jesse Boyd is committed to our students having ample opportunity for physical activity. To that regard, Jesse Boyd participates each year in the annual SC Walk to School Day, Bike to School Day, and International Walk to School Day. Additionally we have WOW-walking or wheeling Wednesdays- in which students and their families either walk or bike to school together every Wednesday.

JBE today

2017-2018 enrollment: 494 students
2016-2017 enrollment: 501 students
2014 SC school report card rating- Absolute rating-Excellent; Improvement rating-Good
2014 Federal report card grade: A

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